What We Need

Toledo Ecotourism Association is run entirely by volunteers.  All executive members, administrative personnel and assistants freely give their time and effort to keep the TEA in operation.  This method has worked for over 20 years, and it enables the TEA to keep overhead to a minimum, ensuring maximum returns for Association members.

Currently, the TEA is in need of a volunteer to help with institutional strengthening, promotional strategy and and grant writing.  You would help us achieve the following institutional goals:

  • Grant proposals
    • TEA is seeking funds to support guesthouse renovations, execution of a pilot project for TEA's community development plan, called the EcoPark, and establish a part-time paid staff position in the Punta Gorda TEA office in order to facilitate village guesthouse stays
  • Website maintenance
    • Ensure that all information remains accurate, streamline interface, post updates/newsletters and build cyber partnerships to enhance TEA's profile and visibility
  • Networking
    • The TEA is still actively engaged in efforts to implement the EcoPark project in Toledo District.  Volunteers are needed to build relationships with businesses, communities and other stakeholders who will play a part in the EcoPark
  • Program operations
    • Potentially, a volunteer could handle visitor requests and communicate with the villages, taking some of the burden off the TEA chairman who must currently travel 45 minutes from his village to gain internet access

Want to help us?

If you're interested in volunteering for the TEA or would like to know more, please email the TEA Chairman, Reyes Chun, at teabelize(at)teabelize.org

Even if you cannot be here in Belize, you can still help.  Over the years, countless volunteers have supported us by writing articles to support TEA programs, helping develop web materials, or just reaching out to friends and potential supporters of our programs.  We would be grateful for any assistance you may wish to offer!