Award winning

1997 - ToDo! Award for Socially Responsible Tourism

The TEA won the Todo award for "Socially Responsible Tourism" at the worlds largest trade fair held in Berlin, Germany. The TEA was selected to be the winner because it demonstrated the maximum participation of local people living in each of the 10 villages which includes both gender and children.

The "ToDo" prize award was organize on an anual basis, by the Studienkreis fur tourismus und Entwicklung, which is an NGO based in Germany. The ToDo award is open for projects whose planning and realization ensure the involvement of different interests and requirements of local people through democratic participatory methods.

If you want more information on this issue, you can check the websites of The Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung (Institute for Tourism and Development), TO DO! International Contest Socially Responsible Tourism and Award Winner TO DO! 1996.

2000 - Conde Nast Traveler

TEA's "EcoPark" concept received honorable mention in a Conde Nast Traveler contest for International Ecotourism.  This award recognized the EcoPark's potential as a tourist destination as well as an engine for community development and protection of the natural resources that will be threatened when a paved highway is completed through the villages, linking Belize with Guatemala.